What should America do with China

What should America do with China

Is it possible to built the world against China? If all countries that owe China money would not pay China and refuse to trade with them the country would decline economically fast.

For years China has stole trade secrets from the world and suppressed their people, mistreating them to work for small wages in order to gain the economic power they now possess.

America has defended other countries to help install democracy. Why does America trade with the most communists country in the world? Answer is simple; greed!

We are relied on China to manufacturer most of Americas’ goods and services taking jobs from many Americans, more importantly, we gave them economic power over our country to China.

Having throwing out these ideas; China will not take these actions lightly. War is possible. But the economic power of American needs to be returned to the people. Remove greed. Remove politics in America and become political around the world. Worry about American’s first.

Re-popularize “Made in America,” or Manufactured in America.” These used to be on all boxes sold in big retail stores. Not so much anymore.

We the people, need to help guide our politicians. We are dependent on the most corrupt country in the world for the wrong reasons.

The fact that China may have been able to curb the infection is only one of many factors that America needs to defend and protect itself from the self-serving greed of other countries.

According to post on STL.News, reported by WION News, China admitted certain failures that were once denied.


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