About Pro Blog Master

The Beginning

(ProBlogMaster) I have been actively involved in web design and the digital world since 1994 when the internet was introduced to the public.

My first website cost more than $40,000.

Living in southwest Missouri, you didn’t call a web designer down the street.  In those days, all sites were custom-coded, and most people were impressed by image sliders.  It was antiquated.

We hired a firm from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I was involved in testing online trading using my network of Cisco servers to enter fake stock trades for testing.  A small Cisco server costs more than $20,000.

Today you can buy used servers for $400 that are two or three times larger and significantly faster.

At 58 years old, it is hard to imagine how much different technology is now than it was in 1994.

I purchased a digital imaging system with a high-speed scanner to digitize our file room.  I spend more than $300,000 on what is known today as PDF.

While this blog will serve as a walk down memory lane for me, it will help organize my thoughts, present my experiences, and most importantly, help you understand the possibilities.