Statement by Pamela Karlan

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Statement by Pamela Karlan

Statement by Pamela Karlan, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division

(STL.News) “The United States is currently facing unprecedented challenges, some of which are fueling increased bigotry and hatred.  Hate crimes cannot be tolerated in our country, and the Department of Justice will continue to put all necessary resources toward protecting our neighbors and our communities from these heinous acts.  The Department, through its strong Civil Rights Division, remains resolute in its commitment to investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations, both criminal and civil, and seeking justice for the victims of illegal discrimination.  In addition, over the past months, the Division has trained hundreds of federal prosecutors and law enforcement officers to identify, investigate, and prosecute hate crimes and other civil rights crimes.  The Division is also in frequent communication with our colleagues in the FBI and United States Attorney’s Offices as they work with local law enforcement to evaluate possible hate crimes.  And the FBI has offered support to assist the criminal investigations.

“In partnership with the FBI and United States Attorney’s Offices across the nation, the Division’s Criminal Section aggressively prosecutes hate crimes, official misconduct, and other criminal civil rights violations.  And its other Sections pursue illegal discrimination in many aspects of life, including housing, employment, voting, education, and the operation of federally funded programs, among other areas.

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