Riots sparked around the country demanding justice for George Floyd

Riots sparked around the country demanding justice for George Floyd

Minneapolis, MN ( Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Michael Chauvin has been charged with the murder of George Floyd.

However, many journalists and politicians are missing the message the protesters are projecting. It a poor and uncivil manor the protesters have taken the path to risk everything to be heard.

Journalist were reporting and making issue that the protesters were violating the curfew. I think the more important point of concern was that the protesters were burning down buildings.

Media sources around the world, including Al Jazeera News and WION News has followed the unprecedented rioting in the USA. While we certainly do NOT support the protesters actions of violence, we do believe that it is time for the “professional” politicians to see this for more than an unruly protest. It is a type of revolt that will likely escalate each time an abuse of power is illustrated within our governments.

President Trump and Michael Flynn has been subject to the abusive political powers illustrated in this case as well as previous cases. While Chauvin has been charged and arrested, many know that third degree murder is a soft charge considering the murder that was caught on video as Floyd begged for his life without any care of the police officers.

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