National Traveler life Insurance Company

I broke my professional career out of high school, working with my father selling life insurance.  I was young and dumb!

I was dumb because I was embarrassed to say that I sold life insurance.  In 1983 I was making $30,000 selling life insurance, and I was embarrassed.  I was embarrassed and stupid.  I should have been proud and thankful to my father for the great opportunity he had created.

My father had been selling life and health insurance products provided by a Des Moines, IA-based mutual insurance company named National Travelers Life Insurance Company (NTL)(founded in 1907).

My dad was proud of his career.  He graduated high school but came from a poor country family that required hard work.  My father was not afraid of hard work.  He would leave the house at 7 am and not return home until 9 pm or later. But, he was selling insurance and proud of it.

What happened to NTL?

They merged with EMC due to substantial losses in individual health insurance.  They were a major provider of individual health insurance in the midwest in the 80s and 90s.  My fathers’ agency was estimated to be 35% of the companies in-force business, which might suggest that we had a significant role in the failure of the company.

The increase in health care costs began in the 80s and it has broken a significant amount of small insurance companies.  NTL was one of those that failed due to the uncontrollable cost of health insurance.

National Travelers Life (NTL) was located at:
820 Keosauqua Way
Des Moines, Iowa 50308


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