Guest Posts are an excellent marketing strategy

Guest Posts are an excellent marketing strategy

( Many SEO experts use guest posts as part of their link building strategy using poor content that adds little to now value to anybody. It is done to get the link.

Links are great for SEO, but as Google phrased it, “Content is King.” These words stand solid today, but are frequently ignored. Great content can end up in Google Snippets and produce a lot of traffic that helps a websites’ SEO more than anything.

It doesn’t take much longer to produce content that might actually perform well or help somebody with new or additional information about the topic they are interested in.

I highly recommend that you know how your SEO advisor is building links and ask questions to know if they are adding a marketing twist to the link building strategy killing two birds with one stone.

Google might not know that the content was designed to receive a link only, but they do recognize great content as well as bad content. It is possible that links from high quality content receive more value than links from poor quality content. After all, it is Google. They haven’t missed much during the internet evolution.

It is possible to improve SEO rankings for any website as explained in an article on www.STL.News.

Take the time or hire a good writer to produce some great content, which might include how to tips, statistical data, upcoming events, etc. Anything that adds value to readers and you could end up in Google Snippets establishing your expertise, whatever that might be.

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