Editor Experiences

(ProBlogMaster) To build credibility I would like to offer my experiences throughout my life.  Not bragging, not asking for sympathy.  It is what it is!

  1. 1981 to 1994 – life and health insurance sales
  2. 1983 to 2000 – mutual funds and other securities products sales, portfolio management, broker-dealer manager, and consultant
  3. Break-in service
  4. 2005 to 2008 – Seal-Tite of Missouri – originator of environmentally friendly driveway sealer
  5. 2008 to 2010 – auto repair and oil company, now known as O.I.L. (Ozark Industrial Lubricants, LLC)
  6. 2009 to 2012 – auto repair
  7. 2014 to now – web design, hosting, and SEO

These dates are estimates.  I will over time narrow down exact dates in time.

Therefore, the experiences are:

  • life and health insurance
  • pension fund administration
  • peo (professional employer organization)
  • mutual fund sales
  • private equity fund sales and management
  • portfolio management
  • trading strategy metrics
  • banking
  • auto dealer (two new car dealerships and three used car dealerships)
  • construction via asphalt, home, and commercial property renovation
  • real estate leasing and renovation
  • digital marketing and sales
  • digital product innovator
  • news aggregator
  • news publisher

Is one person capable of doing all of these tasks?  Yes!

Affiliated companies:

  • Smith Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.
  • Investors Financial, Inc.
  • World Securities, Inc.
  • Ozark Financial
  • Seal-Tite of Missouri
  • Smith Trading Company
  • St. Louis Media, LLC
  • WebTech Group