National Security Officials Visit St Louis for Tour of Next National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

ST LOUIS, MO – Friday, August 17th, leaders from national security to tour future home of the Next National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency West Headquarters located on the near north-side of downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

Democratic Mayor Krewson, was part of the meeting that both parties exchanged updates about the project that will help redevelop neighborhoods and establish St. Louis, Missouri as the center for geospatial intelligence.

City leaders provided the following updates:

  • 97 acre area that is reserved to hold the NGA campus has been cleared and is ready for construction.
  • Businesses that are part of the project are 47 percent minority owned, 42 percent women owned have abated and demolished 137 buildings on the land.
  • There have been extensive testing that has verified that there is no evidence of contaminants on the land.
  • A 3 ft clean soil cap placed on the land to meet federal and state requirements, approved through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Plan.
  • City, County, State and partners are developing plans to establish St. Louis, Missouri as the center for geospatial and location intelligence.
  • Local and state governments are networking to develop business, research and innovation to support the project.
  • Project Connect work with residents in areas surrounding the NGA property to coordinate and collaborate to revitalize neighborhoods, and enhance transportation.

Mayor Krewson stated, “Today’s visit brings together so many of NGA’s key partners in the Next NGA West project.  We remain committed to the agency’s site choice for a new facility in St. Louis and are pleased with the progress being made,” said Cardillo.  “This is a shared mission and we look forward to continuing our more than 70 year connection to the St. Louis region for decades more.”