American’s Should be Sick of the Politics

American's Should be Sick of the Politics

Since President Trump was elected as president, US citizens have patiently tolerated the adolescent politics that are projected to appear smart, intellectual and ethical.

However, the “smart” politicians has shown their ignorance to society and exposed their bad acting skills as their hidden agenda’s are so apparent on the outside.

They are trying their best to distract and make waves rather than doing their jobs, which is governing or country.

What is most disgusting is their representation that their efforts to monitor other politicians are in American’s best interest, but again, their actions are more than obvious due to their bad acting skills and their efforts so one-sided.

Points to consider:

  1. Trump has passed many reviews, investigations and scandals. If Trump is so bad for America, why haven’t they found anything that supports their claims? Answer is simple; they don’t exist.
  2. Politicians attack everything the Trump administration does. Americans should be smart enough to know that Trump has a very large staff of professionals that consult with him. There is nothing to suggest that Trump is rogue acting on his own behalf. If that was the case, there are rules in place to prevent that from happening.
  3. As much time as the attacking parties have spent on impeaching Trump, what else have they done? Have they done anything that the people elected them for?
  4. Can one person be as bad as they project Trump to be? Maybe the anti-Christ, which more than likely does not exist.
  5. Their efforts have been so substantial and failed so many times that their efforts should be seen to be petty politics.
  6. The attacking party is not attacking just Trump. They are attacking our democracy, the entire government structure, which they are part of, but projecting their self-serving interest to be on behalf of Americans? That is obviously not the case.

Most American’s will accept a certain amount of politics and political strategies, but things have changed with the arrival of the coronavirus. This event should pull America together to act as one! Famous sayings should be good reminders of our foundation.

“United we stand, divided we fall!”

“Ask not what can your country do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

The quest for power has plagued our country and those that are party to attacking our politics now, rather than attempting to resolve our health issues, should be investigated. What are they hiding? Why are they attacking others based on lies? Are they lying to hide their evils methods? These questions and more should be in the minds of each American.

This country is great, but its the people and the ethics that make it a great country, not political bureaucracy. What we are witnessing is not politics. It should be illegal and those guilty of the actions should be investigated themselves and/or thrown out of office for inability to perform their job.

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