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                                  How to get more twitter shares for your posts and thus make your posts very popular in the world of twitter. Are you interested, then read this top 10 tips to get more twitter shares. Follow this tips and get your posts shared a lot in twitter.

                                        This top 10 tips to get more twitter shares are very simple to follow. It does not require much time or effort and it is also interesting too.

1) Write Sharable Content

                                          This is one of the most important tip you have to follow to get more twitter shares. If your posts are very interesting, informative, unique, readers will share your posts in twitter.

2) Make Your posts Attractive

                                               Make your posts very attractive, thus the readers will be get attracted and many of them will definitely share your posts in twitter as well as other Social Networking Sites. Careful while making it attractive, don't loose the standard of your posts. For making it more attractive in easy steps, you can include as many required images helping the idea's of your posts to make it clear. Highlighting headings with colors and styles. Write in Separate paragraph for each topic. Write it in simple language.

3) Use Click To Tweet

                                       Use click to tweet in your websites in-order to get more tweet shares for your posts to increase readers and spread the web. You will notice this brings an effect within a short time.

4) Ask To Share

                               Ask your readers to share your posts! Many of the readers who finds an relevant, quality and unique content will share your blog posts on twitter to spred the web.

5) Sharing Buttons

                                    This is one of the important tip you have to check it out. You must include widgets containing social networking share buttons. This should be kept in your blog as it looks best, clear and easy to  operate.

6) Engage with Others

                                       Engage with users by communicating and doing conversations with them. Appreciate their valuable time they spend for you.

7) Get more Readers

                                               Get more readers for your website/blog, thus chance of readers who share your posts will also increase proportionally. So achieve a good traffic for your blog posts. Concentrate on making quality readers, thus chances of sharing also increases.

8) Embed Twitter Comments

                                           Embed twitter comments posting form at the bottom of your blog. It should be very clear to the readers. You should also reply to the comments you receive there.

9) Ask Your Friends

                                                   It's a little bit funny Tip. Ask your friends to share your posts on twitter. Thus you get a good number of twitter shares for your blog posts. Keep in mind that, this should not make any disturbance for your friends.

10) Rewards

                                            Give rewards for sharing your blog posts on twitter and making it spread over the web. May use free e-book or something offers which is very interesting and make readers to do so.

Make Money                                                                                            Make Money

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